Why You Need a Website management Agency to Manage Your Online Presence

  • November 4, 2017
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If you are a professional techie like me, managing your website and social media would be a very easy task.

In fact, it would be a good idea to manage your online presence yourself (read this blog post to learn how to do it like a pro). After all, who knows your business better than you?

But what if you are just an average busy business owner with little time and no tech background?

What do you do?

First and foremost, here is what you should never do – DON’T ever fall into the trap of thinking you can learn well and fast enough to manage your website and social channels yourself!

Here is my simple, but blunt advice on what you should do – hire a website management agency!

Here are some reasons why it is necessary for you to outsource this important aspect of your business to a professional website management agency.

Saves You Money

I think spending money on a monthly basis is the onus of why you may be tempted do all the work (or hire a cheap crappy road-side web designer) and convince yourself that you don’t need website management agency.

The bad news is that in-house web Management is pricey but most business owners find this a hard pill swallow.

Let’s quickly do the analysis together.

Think about the staff to hire and things accrued to staff welfare, like their salaries, wages and other benefits.

Have you also thought about both the software and hardware you need?

And have you considered buying new computers for your new staff as the case maybe?

Why not spend less by hiring website management firm that already has these entire IT stuffs in place to run your site while you sit at your office probably drinking fresh juice or wine with no stress of thinking about the next interview with your potential staff?

Time Management

Take a close look at your schedule for the day; you already have tons of tasks waiting with limited time (deadlines).  

I can assure you from 10 years of experience – Web management can be a time-consuming task for those who aren’t webmasters. So why eat further into the limited time you have.

When you outsource your online needs to a website management agency, you will have ample time on your hands to focus on existing responsibilities and save yourself from this dreaded stress.

Access to New Ideas/Perspectives

Outsourcing your website management can give you access to invaluable new ideas and insight in your business.

Your in-house staff possibly has limitation to what they can do, hence the more reason their efforts should be channeled to the main business operations.

External ideas to businesses help to bring the latest trends in your line of business. An external perspective to your business can contribute tremendously to its growth and help you think outside the box.

Website management agencies have multiple clients and measure what works with each client. They can bring perspective to your online marketing plan that you likely don’t have.

The Resources Involved

There is more to web management than you know!

It’s no one-man show. That is to say, web management has a lot of vital details to manage and complete for effective results.

Hiring the services of a website management agency will gain you access to several creative minds from different fields.

For example, eBrand Managers team consists of graphic designers, planners, SEO experts, developers, copy or SEO content writers. And when you hire us, we deploy all these guys to work on your business to boost your online presence. This talent pool is what you will miss if you decide to work on managing your website by yourself or hire single individual.

So, why engage yourself with the stress of looking for these guys one after the other when you can get all the resources in one firm?

Technical Know-how

A website management agency knows and understands the knitty-gritty of online marketing campaign. This isn’t new to them. This is where their expertise lies.

Their technical know-how is undiluted. So tell me, why would you prefer to do it yourself or employ someone who could possibly be an amateur with little knowledge on the job?

A website management agency already has a team with wide experience, and their expertise is at its peak having encountered multiple challenges year in, year out – You do not have tell them what to do, they know what you need and not what you want.

Having read to this point, do you still believe that you do not need to hire a web management agency to handle your online presence for you?

I don’t think so…


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