Want your website to rank no.1 in google? Discover 6 Powerful SEO Tips

  • October 27, 2017
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If you are like most business owners in Nigeria, you may have at one point or the other created a website which you hoped to use to reach out to customers, drive sales and interact with them about your product and services. Unfortunately, that never materialized because your competition is sweeping the entire online market because his website ranks no.1 in Google.

And you are thinking to yourself, what are they doing right that is making them permanently sit at no.1 position in Google year in, year out.

And to make matters worse, you have no idea about how to compete with them and displace them.

It is no news that Search Engine Optimization(SEO) plays an important role in business. In fact, some million dollar companies are dependent on it entirely for their marketing.

It is for this reason that it is rather very crucial that companies who do not have an in-house digital marketing team should find a professional SEO agency to help in setting up a standard SEO campaign for their company’s website.

In this post, I’m  going to highlight some powerful SEO tips that, if implemented, will help any site (yours inclusive) rank no. 1 in Google. Even if it is new.

Research and choose your keywords wisely

The starting point of your SEO campaign should be your keyword. Get this wrong, your entire effort is doomed to failure.

It is very vital that you know 90% of what people are looking for in google. This should NOT be a guess work. There are dozens of keyword research tools out there that can help you discover with scientific accuracy what people are really searching for. But my best is Google keyword planner.

Remember, you are not only one in your line of business, there are thousands of people out who are also running the same business with you; that’s why you must choose your keys words wisely and carefully.

Are you among companies that don’t even optimize any keyword at all? Do you optimize different keywords in one content? Or and do you optimize odd keywords? (I.e. Words that are not relevant to the content).

Ask yourself, the content you are trying to send to Google – what message is it passing across? Will it help or hurt my business? E.g. if you offer a service for a premium price, don’t unconsciously optimize for the keyword “FREE” as it will attract mostly people who want free stuff and won’t be interested in buying. This is a no-brainer right? But it will amaze you how many people make this sort of mistake.

 This approach will help you optimize the right keyword for your website and will make your content easy to find on Google. Your keyword must summarize what your write-up is all about. Google rank page Is based on how easy and direct the keywords are. 

The truth is that, without appropriate keyword research, any SEO campaign has already lost before the competition even started. Keyword research sets the stage and lays the groundwork for any kind of SEO campaign.

Engage your readers with exceptional and irresistible Lead

This is the first paragraph of your write-up or simply put, and introductory part of your content writing.

If your headline is so appealing that you are able to get many clicks on it.  Beautiful! Good for you. But then, how do you sustain their interest, get them read on and finally hit the buy button.

Don’t forget, high bounce rate on your website can do some serious damage to your website’s reputation in Google’s eyes. It simply says, “this site is full of crap, that’s why people leave immediately they enter the website”.

Engaging your readers can only be possible if the body of your content is as appealing as your lead. Engage them fully educating them on the benefits of your post. If possible KISS your contents at all times (keep it short and simple).

Always Update Quality Contents

Content is king in SEO.

 A good and appealing content would keep visitors on your website. And get them coming back for more! It is arguably the most important aspect of SEO.

 You certainly can’t rank no.1 in Google if you don’t have QUALITY content. Period!

However, content writing has gone beyond just putting or combining few words on a page. Don’t think Google is oblivious of this (those guys are way smarter than you think). Spinning articles and stringing together a few meaningless words will only get you penalized in the long run.

Newness plays an important role too. The repetition of one content on different pages on your site is something you must avoid. Repetition will definitely cast doubt on your originality. Be original and avoid duplicating or republishing articles or any write-up in another site.

Being guilty of plagiarism, republishing or syndicating content can destroy your website in Google SERP.

Write catchy and breathe taking headlines that are APPEALING to Searchers (and Google bots)

In my previous post, I posited thus: The choice of headlines/topics on your blog (website) will influence the kind of people who read your articles.

It is rather, crucial that you do your research well and come up with topics to write on your website and devise a premium content strategy.

This will drive specific traffic from people that are more likely to key in to your message and read about your products and services.

 I can assure you that nobody would read your articles if the headlines are not appealing since it is the first thing searchers look at when they search for something on Google. No matter how you look at it, doing something different can make your website stand out in the SERPs (search engines result pages).

This can fetch you some more extra clicks and don’t forget that the more clicks you get, the more your site stands a chance to displace your competitors and rank no.1 in google. High click-through rate is a factor that affects SEO ranking.

Make your website accessible and optimize the load speed

One of the search engine optimization ranking factors is determined by the site load speed.

Easy access to your website content by visitors (and bots) will arguably make Google index your page fast.

Most company websites are just so complex and heavily loaded with graphics that loading and navigation is near impossible to both humans and Google crawling bots.

I really do not know how you plan to overtake your competitors and rank no.1 in Google with such poor load speed.

It is always advisable to tell your developer to avoid any unnecessary complexities that can slow down your site. Avoid flash animations like a plague.

A lot of efforts should be put into optimizing your websites load speed. Poor load site drives away potential customers. This is because attention span of the average internet user is 5 seconds.

My last 2 mention-worthy SEO tips!

  1. You should know that Google sees everything that happens online. For this reason, avoid anything that can derail your mission to rank no.1 in Google such as annoying ads that pops out every time. This could annoy and frustrate your website visitors (and of course the ever-crawling Google bots). Your bid to earn a few kobo from ad network agencies can harm your chance of dominating the search engines. Be warned!
  2. Don’t forget to have as much Backlinks as possible pointing to your website. It is by far the most important offsite factor that affects your website’s ability to rank no.1 in Google –  I have written a powerful blog post about how to get quality backlinks – Read it here

Finally if this guide sounds too stressful to you, simply get a professional SEO to help you with your website optimization or probably get web management team to run and manage your online presence.

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