Practical Marketing Strategies B2B Marketers Can Adopt in 2018

  • December 21, 2017
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I’m very sure you are quite familiar with the maxim “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

This is even more evident when you are a company offering products/services to other businesses instead of the final consumer.

Before you approach any business to become their new supplier, you must be aware that there is likelihood that there is another business/company before you offering the same service/product that you want to offer. And they may even be doing it very efficiently.

So you practically have to be smarter to “steal” their market.

It therefore means that you have to adopt a marketing strategy that is so enticing that it will compel your target potential client to drop whoever they are dealing with in favour of your product/service.

In this article, I’m going to outline some practical marketing strategies that B2B marketers can adopt to help them break into new markets and grab new clients no matter the odds.



This is one of the easiest marketing strategies that B2B marketers can implement right away.

In case you don’t know what LinkedIn is (in which case you must have been living under the rock. Pun intended!), let me give you a little background.

LinkedIn is a social media website that connects professionals together. It is a place you can make friends with the CEO of Coca Cola and the Janitor in your neighbourhood supermarket. It currently has 467 million professionals as members.

LinkedIn is a goldmine for generating highly targeted leads.

Therefore it is ideal for B2B companies. It gives you access to connect with any other professional and become friends with them (i.e. you can open direct conversation with them via livechat and mail on the platform)

LinkedIn is by far the easiest route you can use to reach out to top CEOs who you wouldn’t have been able to get appointment with because of their gatekeepers.

But while using the platform to connect with decision makers, you don’t have to be pushy about it.

Gently court your target CEO or whoever is the decision maker in your sphere. If they post something, comment and engage them in a sound manner so that they know you are very knowledgeable of the industry.

Afterwards, you can send an inMail requesting appointment. You must not try to sell him directly on linkedIn except you are far away and cannot do business face to face.



Most professionals don’t see the need for customer outreach. Some groups, especially churches, engage in community outreach to know how their members are doing.

The same thing is applicable here.

How do you reach out to your potential customers? Offer them something for free first to try out.

This strategy works like magic. But will you run some losses at first? Yes, because some will use your free stuff and still not buy from you.

It simply means that before you attempt to do this, you must be sure that your service/product is of superior quality to what the potential client is currently using.

The good thing about freebies is that; first it gives your clients this sense of indebtedness. 50% of the time they will feel the urge to reciprocate the good gesture.

It will establish a good relationship between you and your potential client even before the contract is signed.



Should I remind you that you are not the only one in that line of business? In fact there may be dozens of similar products and services. In other words, there is always competition.

You should know and understand your competitors’ businesses just as you understand yours (or even more). It is only in doing so you can know their inherent weaknesses which you can exploit later.

Monitoring a competitor’s activity will eventually unveil the marketing tactics that works for them so you can go the extra mile to outdo them. E.g. if they offer delivery for a fee, offer yours for free.



Content marketing has proven to be an effective way of establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry. It could be a survey, whitepaper, research articles etc.

Everyone CEO wants to deal with a company or individual that really understands the industry better than everyone else.

Content marketing can help to establish you as an authority in the field. If you or your company makes a new finding in the industry, make sure every one of your potential clients hears about it from you.

You can utilize social media channels so you can reach a lot more people even outside of your geographical location. That is how you establish yourself (or your company) internationally as an expert

Why do you think most big businesses pay millions for quality content? It is because content marketing works.

A good content with quality information can go viral; thereby promoting your brand, products and services beyond whatever you could have done with advert. (Click here to learn the best places you can advertise online in Nigeria).



No man is an island.

If you are in B2B, you will realize that subcontracting is very common in virtually every industry. So how do you plan to get these kinds of business from other professionals if they don’t know who you are and what you are capable of delivering?

If you are a B2B marketer, you have to attend conferences, parties, join clubs etc. Just make sure that such events have a good number of top decision makers in your industry who are likely to become your client in future.

By mixing with the right crowd, you can get a lot of quality information; like who your competitors are, why your potential customers patronize them, what their agreement is in terms of deliverables etc.

The essence is for you to mine as much information as possible.


On a final note; there are several other Marketing Strategies B2B Marketers can adopt to boost their sales and grow their client base. But if you can use LinkedIn to contact the decision maker, entice him/her with a freebie and then follow up your competitors to know why your potential customer currently buys from them; then you would be on your way to total market domination.

These are in addition to establishing yourself as a thought leader and networking with other professionals.

Over to you!

Do you have ideas about other Practical Marketing Strategies B2B Marketers can implement to further increase their sales? Drop them in the comment box

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