Lead Generation: How to Convert Casual Visitors to Loyal Customers

  • November 10, 2017
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How do you convert a casual internet user visiting your website for the first time into a loyal customer who will keep buying things from you many years after?

Answer: Lead generation

Lead generation is the process of enticing or piquing potential consumer interest so that he/she makes enquiry into (or purchase) products or services of a business (most times in exchange for something of value which such business offers).

The key strategy of lead generation is to entice or bond with the potential customers enough to the extent that she trusts you enough to drop her contact information which you, the business owner can use to reach her sometime in future. These contact info include Name, email, phone number, address etc.

The truth is, the more leads you have, the more paying customers you will likely get in the long run. This is because; people naturally buy things from people they know and trust.

Obviously, the question is “how do you entice potential customers enough to want to make an enquiry about your products or services?”

In this article, I shall show you some very unique tested and trusted ways to generate more leads through your website.

  1. Establish a bond (Trust) with your website visitors:

What is the level of trust or rapport between you and your site visitors?

You should use your website as an avenue to educate and enlighten your prospective customers more about your company, your products and the services you offer.

When your visitors know more about your business and the services you offer, they will begin to have enough faith in you to leave you their contact information.

Don’t just focus on discussing about your sales all the  time, educate them more on your niche so they can believe that you are a thought leader in your industry. When they ask a question on your social channels, answer promptly. Establish personal relationship with them..

With this you can convert your website visitors into leads who will eventually purchase something from you and become your customers.

  1. Blog Regularly:

How will blogging regularly result in lead generation for me?

You should know that the most reliable and effective way of building rapport with potential clients is by adding free interesting and quality contents (which they can’t find anywhere else) to your website on a regular basis.

e.g. If you are a study abroad consultant and you have a blog that lists the latest scholarships for undergraduate students. Don’t you think your potential customers will find this type of information interesting? So now, when they want to hire a consultant to help them with processing their admission abroad, who do you think they will hire?

One thing about blogging is that the more interesting contents you dish out;

– The more you drive traffic to your website,

– The more you get your visitors to stay more on your website,

– The more you get noticed by google for ranking and finally,

– The more you stand above 80% chance of getting potential customers to trust you.

Lead generation is an ongoing relationship. And blogging is the way to keep that relationship going. It just doesn’t happen in one day.

  1. Create active Online Chat Option

Most companies just create live chat option and leave it unattended.

The truth is that, live chat can help generate more  leads through your website more than any other strategy you can think of – irrespective of your industry.

It gives you an opportunity to interact directly with potential customers viewing your website.

An Interactive session with your website visitors who may be procrastinating to call you through Mobile phone can turn them into your leads instantly.

Talking with a site visitor creates instant rapport.

  1. Use call tracking strategy to get more leads:

This can help you track leads that result from users visiting your website.

And since your call tracking numbers will link directly to your main mobile number, there won’t be any controversy on how your phone leads are managed.

The gathering of all these data will help to determine where your money is best spent on getting leads – then focus on that to generate more leads.

If you are neglecting phone call tracking, just bear in mind that either you or whoever responds to your calls is always asking how the customer got to know about your business.

  1. Create testimonial page

Testimonies from customers have proven to be one of the most effective ways to generating more leads through your website.

This is very simple!

Create a page (with a form) where your customers who have used your products/service can drop their contact information, testify and give their recommendations as well.

Don’t just open testimonial page with texts only, also include photos of those testifiers, to boost the credibility of the testimonies. People believe what they see without much argument. .

  1. Take note of which pages on your website is getting the most views:

It is rather very important for you to know the exact pages of your websites where majority of your visitors visit most.

This would help you identify the areas you have more clicks and less clicks. Then you can add lead generating forms to those pages with more clicks.

While adding forms you want to use to generate leads through your website, ensure that you are offering something of value in return. This is because nobody will give you her contact details without expecting to get something of far more value in return.


You should also include your mobile phone contact and address.

The absence of your business contacts will definitely doubt the authenticity and credibility of your company and would definitely limit viewers from having a direct contact with you.

Nevertheless, the implementation of the above tips will surely help you lead generation campaign thereby increasing your customer base and brand recognition.

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