5 Factors That Can Hurt Your Website’s SEO – Plus How to Address Them

  • November 15, 2017
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Have you been having challenges getting ranked no. 1 in Google?

And despite your best efforts, your website traffic is still almost zero – Not minding the fact that your website is almost 6 months old.

You are about to give up – “After this year, I’m definitely not going to renew this useless website”.

But wait!

Before you take any rash decisions,

Have you ever considered that it may be ENTIRELY your fault! Well, if not “ENTIRELY”, but at least most of it.

The truth is that there are some key things about your website which may be inhibiting your SEO efforts and hindering your ability to rank your website.

Unveiling these often overlooked hidden factors that can hurt your website’s SEO is the purpose of this post

Below are 5 factors that could hurt your website’s SEO severely which you may not be aware of.

  1. Duplicate Content (Plagiarism)

Publishing content regularly has proven to be one of the most effective search engine marketing campaign strategies ever.

However, the republishing of content already posted on different websites will harm your website’s reputation in the eyes of most Search engines.

Nothing destroys a website’s ranking in Search Engines (Google especially) like Plagiarism. So it’s always advisable to stay away from copy and paste.

If you must publish content regularly, always ensure that your content is 100% unique and original.

  1. Failure to update your old content

It is always advisable to keep your content fresh and up to date.

Your Content should be desirable at all times, in other words, if left unattended for long, could become a stale information on search engine and surely would become hard for optimization.

When you abandon your older posts without spicing it up as time goes on, fresh and new content written on the same subject and posted on your competitor’s sites will definitely outrank your older posts.

No one loves dormancy (including Google). So to avoid this, you must not relent in updating your content.

  1. Mobile-friendliness of your website:

Your website should be mobile-friendly (click here to see how to check if your website is mobile friendly). It is one of the most important SEO factors Google puts into consideration when ranking websites.

Aside its importance in SEO, majority of people (especially in Nigeria – see stats) use mobile devices to access the internet. You don’t want them bouncing out of your website because it is unfriendly to use.

  1. Excessive use of Keywords:

There was a time when overused of keywords helped to upgrade your website ranking. Such blackhat SEO strategy is not obtainable anymore. In fact, I can bet my last penny that it will hurt your website’s SEO in the long run.

Stuffing keywords in your content does not project your work as natural. It makes it look like you don’t have tangible information to offer so you had to subscribe to filling the pages with the keywords.

Let me give you example of a paragraph over-stuffed with keywords –

“We do custom web design. Our custom web design projects are best. So if you’re thinking of doing a custom web design, please contact our custom web design specialists at custom.web.design@example.com. “

Does this sound natural to you? I think you get it now!

If the volume of your keyword occurrence is too high (usually it should not be more than 2.5%), be rest assured that it will hurt your website’s SEO .

Instead, be natural and original with your choice of words.

  1. Absence of Sitemap:

This is the most easily overlooked factor that can hurt your website’s SEO . Even most web designers will not remember to add it.

The presence of XML sitemap helps for full recognition of your website in Google. It helps search engine bots understand the structure of your website when it crawls it.

Creating a sitemap and submitting it to Google Search Console is by far the easiest way to get your web pages indexed fast.

 What this means is that if your company’s website does not have a sitemap, your web pages may not be found easily when Google crawls your site and as such it will not appear on search engine result pages.

Also, don’t forget to do a proper audit of your website (or hire a web management agency to do it in a professional way for you) so as to understand where you need to improve with regards to the above points

Finally, having examined the above factors, it is very important to take them seriously because continuous neglect could cause your website to be penalized by Google.

And this harm is not just on your website SEO, it will also affect (in a negative way) the way potential clients and fans will perceive your company or organization.


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