Top 5 E-Commerce marketing strategies for start-ups in Nigeria

  • December 5, 2017
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Are you looking for E-Commerce marketing strategies to boost your brand, drive traffic, and generate leads to your e-store?

Are you having issues selecting the right strategy that can help you survive and compete favourably with the big brands in your niche?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

Without much ado, here are top 5 E-commerce marketing strategies for startups in Nigeria.


  1. Build Your Emailing List

How do you tackle the problem of those who visit your online store and leave without buying anything?

Do you just sigh, shake your head and then watch another come and go?

If this has been the case, this is what you are going to do;

Capture their email addresses.

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But just know that nobody (or very few persons) will just give away their email addresses (and maybe phone numbers) to you for nothing.

There is only one effective way capture emails from your site visitors – offer them something that they would believe is of greater value in exchange their email. Or simply offer digital content of value and ask them to insert an email address where you will send it to

You can say-sign-up and get 15% discount of you next order. People love free gift and this will get them to sign-up.

With time you will have enough emails on your list. At this juncture you can enlighten yourself from other brands’ mailing lists – particularly those you subscribe to and read.

Find out what makes their content interesting and relevant to you. When this is done, take your time and think of the best content to send across to your subscribers.

One very important thing is that you have to be creative and consistent in terms update. Imagine where you send the same email every week to your subscribers. They will soon get bored and opt out.

If you do this well, you will be surprise at the difference it would make in your business.

Even if you don’t implement any of the other e-commerce marketing strategies for startups highlighed below, try and implement this one.

One of the oldest clichés in online marketing is “the money is in the list”. Take it seriously.


  1. Partner With Other Online Stores in Your Niche

Let me ask you this- do you have or happen to know any online store or business owner that sells a complimentary product? If yes; this is the time to partner with him or them.

It is awful that most business owners often disregard this e-commerce marketing strategy when in truth it is very effective.

As a startup, you need to create awareness about the products and services you offer and you can achieve this by building a business relationship and partnerships with existing online stores and business owners.

The good thing is that this partnership is mutually beneficial to both parties involved; therefore it won’t cost either you or your partner a dime while you continue to drive and generate traffic as well as leads to your business.


  1. Create How-to Videos

Most people don’t buy some certain class of products they see on ads. Why?  Because they don’t know how the product works.

There are some homes that have things they don’t usually make use of because they can’t operate it. Embedding your product with videos that can enlighten them on the usage will do a lot of good to your business.

YouTube channels can connect your potential customers. So adopting this strategy would help.

Upload how-to videos and lessons on YouTube, you will be surprised at the outcomes.

In doing this, you are not only educating them about your product but also establishing a relationship with them.


  1. Encourage User-Generated Content

This is one of the most lucrative ecommerce marketing strategies for startups. But the tragedy is that most business owners don’t it put into consideration. Therefore, it’s good news for you.

The truth is that most customers have so much trust in user-generated content compared to the brand content itself.

But do you know the problem? Negligence on the part brand owners to effectively use this method.

Customers tend to believe more on the reviews by users to be more reliable and credible than the ad campaign.

This is because, these reviews and testimonials are coming directly from customers who have bought the products, tested it and confirmed as well.

So what do you expect?

This is simple and very effective for startups because it is not going to cost money.

Nevertheless, a survey analysis of this shows that 85% of users find user generated content (UGC) more persuasive than adverts or any other type of marketing material.


  1. Engage Your Audience on Social Media

It is always important to be connected with your customers.

Now ask yourself this;

How connected am I with my customers – both existing and potential ones?

It is good for you to interact with customers on regular basis through your social media channels.

Don’t just create social media accounts because other businesses have them. Or because it seems cool.

Trust me, you will not get anyone looking for your products. And even if you manage to get, they won’t be loyal.

The point am trying to make is this; always respond to inquiries, comments, and reviews from your customers. And offer something of value from time to time.


To sum it up, it is very important to understand that running an e-commerce business is not a tea party. You can’t just relax, do nothing and expect consumers to visit your website and buy things from you.

The aforementioned e-commerce marketing strategies can help improve your business without you having to spend any money.

All you need is to be creative in writing your content, network with other businesses in your niche, encourage existing customers to drop testimonials and reviews, be active on social media and above all, actively grow your list.

And lest I forget this last tip – don’t make everything about your business; enrich your site with information and edutainment pertaining to the services you offer.

I can wait to hear your testimonies.

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