5 Most Common Http Errors, Meaning and How to Fix Them

  • December 2, 2017
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Often times you come across some disturbing http error messages that just pop up on the screen when you try to access some websites.

Most of these common http errors are not new to you.

But the question is; do you know why these error messages pop up on your screen?

Can you interpret them?

And can you fix them?

It is against this backdrop that this content is drafted to explain the meaning of the 5 most common http errors you will experience while browsing the internet and how to fix them.



When you want to access a web page and you get a 404 error message, don’t fret. This one of the most common http errors you will encounter online. It is simply telling you that the web page doesn’t exist.

A broken link, wrong spelling of URL, or probably the web master has been moved to another or probably doesn’t exist anymore.

In some cases, it might be you trying to access an old website or you must have entered the wrong address. The http error 404 code will be shown to you so you can verify if everything is in order.

Solution: Upon getting http error 404, double check the address you entered and make sure you didn’t mistype the URL address. Just confirm the address you entered. If you entered the correct web address, then you may need to contact the webmaster if it is an important resource that you need to access.



This http error can pop up when you are having network issue.  So the 503 Service Unavailable message can just be a temporary issue.

The message is telling you that the server you are trying to access cannot handle requests because of a temporary overload or because the server is temporarily closed for maintenance.

Solution: Reloading, the webpage could resolve the issue immediately or just go back later. You’ll be surprise, the issue has already ben resolve. If it’s a general issue, trust me the site is already undergoing maintenance, just relax and try it later.



The requested web page requires authentication – that is, a password and username.

This http error occurs when you try to access an unauthorized web page – It usually occurs because of a failed login attempt.

Just know that when you see this message, it’s simply telling you that the web page is not accessible and probably you must have used the wrong login details or that you don’t have access at all.

Solution: Assuming you got this message after you login, you should immediately look for where you’re asked to reset you information.

You are most likely going to see “reset your password”.  Just do that if you’ve already had an account with them. In a case of access denial, then you will have to register an account on the website.



When you encounter http error 403, it means that the server is practically rejecting you command.  The server will not allow the visitor to access the requested file.

This is likely the most common reason why http error 403 messages would display on your screen.

It’s saying, back off, you are forbidden from accessing this file as the case may be.

Solution: If this occurs as a result of a previous cached version of the page you are searching for, Clear the web browser that you are using and try again.

But if this isn’t the case then the remedy is beyond your control, you can only get permission from the web or file owner to grant you access. 

As a website owner, here are 5 things you can do when your website goes down



The http error 502 message is a server to server communication problem. This issue usually occurs as a result of improper configured proxy servers. That is, the use of a different proxy to resolve the web server’s content,

It becomes visible when the website’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) is overloaded or the malfunction of a firewall.

Solution: You should clear the client’s cache as a first step to resolve this issue. You can also re-enter the command again. Clearing the site cookies could resolve the issue too.

Conclusively, there are many common http errors that one is likely to face; however, these are the ones that occur most frequently.

But should you face any http error, endeavour to reload and re-enter the address again as this might help you sort the issue out. And always check if you have internet service.


I hope it helps


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