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With over 150 million mobile numbers based on Local Government and Gender in our database, eBrand provides highly targeted and affordable SMS marketing solution for you to reach millions of Nigerians easily.

We don't just sell Bulk SMS, Voice call. We provide a custom SMS marketing strategy tailored to reach your target audience and create massive publicity. Don’t miss out on a huge marketing opportunity
– go mobile!

Guaranteed Delivery

We ensure that your message gets delivered directly to the intended recipient even if they have Do-Not-Disturb feature (DND) activated on their line. 

Highly Targeted

We don't just send out your SMS marketing campaign to random numbers. We target your recipients based on location, occupation, gender etc.

High Rate of Conversion 

SMS marketing has the highest conversion rate because people are 4x more likely to read an SMS or pick up a call than any other means of marketing.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Do you have a product or Service you want to advertise massively to a highly targeted audience based on location, gender and/or occupation? Do you want to reach millions of Nigerians by sending information to them? Do you want to create awareness for your business or organization at low cost without eating up your revenue? With an estimate of 150 Million mobile number database categorized based on local government area in every state in Nigeria and gender, we can use our Bulk SMS service to help you reach a highly targeted audience with your message. 100% DELIVERY RATE GUARANTEED!

Voice SMS Marketing

Are you a Pastor, Politician or Advertising Company? Do you want people to have a personalised contact with you by talking to them over the phone? Our Voice SMS marketing service is suited for clients who want to talk to people and deliver their message personally. It allows you to send out pre recorded voice messages to any number of mobile phone numbers you want. And if you don't already have a mobile number database, don't worry! We will provide you with the mobile numbers to reach Nigerians based on specific local government areas and gender. Simply pre record you voice, send us the record, enter your sender number and add your numbers (if you already have one).Voice SMS marketing provides just the right opportunity you need to get personal with your fans and customers!

USSD Short Code Marketing

eBrand Managers offers one of the most effective and efficient both Long and Short USSD Codes to Individuals and corporate Organisations. We provide you with both Long and Short Codes to help get your products and service to your customers with ease. This way, you clients can contact you any time by sending an SMS message to a number that is easy to remember. This USSD short-code service is more effective than other forms of SMS marketing because it helps you (the sender) establish a two-way communication process so that you can actually get an immediate response from your audience. It is ideal for conducting polls, introducing new products into the market, ongoing subscription offers etc.

Who Can Buy Bulk SMS, Voice & Short Codes Marketing Service?

Religious Institutions

Schools & Colleges

Businesses & Corporations

Political Aspirants

Government Agencies

Not for Profit  Organizations (NGOs)

Advertising Agencies

Individuals and Small Biz

Event Organizers

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