How to create quality backlinks to your website to boost your SEO

  • October 27, 2017
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Before you start reading…

What exactly are backlinks in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Backlinks are links from other websites on the internet to your website. They are like votes to your website confirming that it is a source of quality information worthy of being referenced by others. It is one of the most important factors that determine a website’s position on a search engine result page. So, the more quality backlinks (or votes) you have, the higher your position on the result page when people search Google using words related to your business.

Now how do you think that without any effort, you can be in the comfort of your office, with two legs on the table, leaning comfortable on your bedlike seat, and expect your site to trash the websites of other businesses like yours and rank no.1 in Google?

I’m sorry to remind you that you cannot climb a ladder with your two hands in your pocket. You just have to make a name for yourself. You have to do some serious work to get those quality votes from other websites.

Creating quality backlinks is hard for novices (you can hire an SEO expert to save yourself the stress) but if you follow me then I would show you easy ways you can get other websites to link to you. In other words, walk with me through this post and I will guarantee you success on creating the best backlinks your website will ever have.

Here are the various strategies you can employ in creating quality backlinks to your website

Write releases:

This can fetch you quality backlinks to your website if done in a right manner through online Press release companies. In case you don’t know, news release sites mostly supply news content and writings to many smaller websites which can as well be picked by most of these News Agencies.

Now when this is done, yours is likely to be picked and as far as I’m concern, it will welcome more exposure and more quality backlinks as well. However, if you want your content to be picked up regularly by news media, the quality of content matters starting with your headlines.  It is what automatically arrests their attention towards your content.

Content marketing:

In today’s business world, content marketing has become one of the best and most effective ways to getting quality backlinks to your website. It might sound strange or you may think that because it works for me that why I sound so confident. Yes, it does work for me but I can assure you that content marketing helps to build a quality backlink to your website.

Now this is how it works.

Write a good content, insert links back to your website using anchor texts and submit the article to popular and good content directories that are well established with high profile in search engines.

However, while inserting links, it is advisable to make use of good anchor text because a wrong anchor text would leave your link useless.

If you can do this, trust me you surely would get premium backlinks to your website. However, you should avoid links from pages with thin content as well as content directories that have been flagged by google as spammy websites. This is because Google devalues pages and websites with very empty content, and such websites can’t be expected to carry quality SEO.

Guest post on related websites:

Guest blogging plays a vital role is creating quality backlinks to your website. Unlike content marketing, backlinks that are created through guest blogs with strong rooted domain, high in quality and potency usually have better effect on your website’s SEO.

This is as a result of a high reputation of those websites which is equally recognized and trusted by Google. In other words, the more quality contents you present to other websites, the more you stand a chance of getting them to link to your website. There is no magic. This is exactly how it works.

Through Social media channels

Hey! Listen carefully, you can actually create invaluable backlinks through social channels. How? Ok! I’m glad that you asked.

Now, are you aware that a lot of socialbookmarks and networking websites have a high degree of PR (page rank). What do you think would happen to your website’s ranking with such high PR sites linking back to yours? Smiles!

This method has worked for many, and it will work for you because most of these site permits you to link back your website. Use it now, while you can.

Network with others

See, creating valuable content is very good but even that doesn’t attract links if you don’t bother to networks with other site owners in your niche to promote it. The thing is – without promotion no one can find it not to talk more of linking to it.

You can achieve a good result if you bring attention to your site by contacting webmasters, networking, and getting your content out there in front of others who may link to it.

Conclusively, creating a quality backlinks to your website can actually do a lot of good to your site. It can generate a better Search engine optimization, which is same thing as generating traffic and eventually more leads to whatever products/services your business offers. Just follow the tips above and thank me later.



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